Compassionate Addiction Treatment (CAT) Board Member Application

Are you interested in supporting Compassionate Addiction Treatment (CAT) through volunteering on our Board of Directors?  We’d love to hear from you!

The information provided will be used by the CAT Board of Directors in the recruitment of new Board Members to assist in fulfilling the Mission and Values of CAT. 


Our mission is to provide compassionate, holistic care to people suffering from substance abuse disorders in a safe and therapeutic environment.  Focused on removing barriers to treatment, people will be empowered to engage in recovery and live life to their fullest potential. 


We envision a world in which people experiencing homelessness can work towards their personal goals of housing and healing, free of stigma.  In this world we envision,  support, compassion and encouragement from our community as a whole decreases the challenges faced while homeless allowing people to more rapidly stabilize and have the opportunity to live the life they dream of. 


Compassionate Addiction Treatment thrives due to our dedicated volunteers. Through the support of our Board of Directors, our nonprofit is empowered to do this important work.

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