People are experiencing homelessness in Spokane County


BIPOC citizens in Spokane make up 23.3% of the population, yet account for 34% of our community members experiencing homelessness


People experiencing homelessness are adult survivors of domestic violence

Let's create Community

As Community, Advocate

And together end Homelessness

welcome! we're so glad you're here.

Welcome to CAT SPOKANE! We are thrilled to have you join our supportive  Community. Our innovative peer-led day program is just the beginning – we also provide wrap-around services to holistically support each individual in building the life they hope for.

We come together each weekday, inspiring one another with the power of recovery and healing. Our collective creative talents are used as we create music and artwork, while enjoying the simple pleasures of a hot cup of coffee or a meal. With the unwavering support of our Certified Peer Counselors, we uplift and empower each other to overcome any obstacles we may face, especially those related to Social Determinants of Health. Together, we strive towards a brighter, more positive future filled with health, happiness, and boundless opportunities for growth.

Recovery can mean many things; recovery from last nights weather, recovery from trauma, from experiencing homeless, mental health challenges, and recovery for substance use disorder.

Whether you’re on the road to recovery, curious about it, or simply interested in learning more, we’re happy to have you here. Our community is made up of people who are or have experienced homelessness. We’re committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for everyone. So come join us – all are welcome!

Team member standing with Community Member
Team members at CAT Spokane standing in unity

Our Shared Community Values



Offering a home like, welcoming space for community is the heart of CAT SPOKANE.



We understand that hope empowers us to move forward out of difficult times.



We embrace and value the diversity of our community members and stand united against racism. All are welcome here.



We care about the well-being of our community. We hold space for truth, without shame.



As people with lived experience we work together to advocate for change, to decrease stigma, and to deconstruct oppressive systems.



Our community practices radical acceptance, building relationships based in authenticity and trust.

Inspiring Life - Finding Joy during Difficult Times

community feedback

I started services with y’all and i just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been trying for months to no avail to get help only to always hear that “there’s a waiting list” and to hear that, it’s just another open door to keep using because when we want help it just doesn’t seem to be an easy door to walk thru. YOUR PROGRAM is the ONLY that I’ve found that ACCEPTED ME WITH OPEN ARMS AND AN OPEN DOOR!! AND HUGS!!

NOT AFRAID TO HUG!! I haven’t FELT so ACCEPTED AND ENCOURAGED in all my 26 YEARS OF ADDICTION as y’all made me feel that day I walked in those doors! I finally found something REAL and I found it at CAT I can’t wait for my next appointment on Friday! Y’all are truly an answered prayer!
~ H

CAT is unlike any place I have been for my drug addiction of 18 years.  They are a community of people that care.  They are patient and compassionate when helping people understand why it’s important to keep trying.  CAT is one of the main reasons I am alive and clean today”
~ D

“When I started coming into CAT, everyone was so friendly and supportive. I got involved here and felt like I was part of something. I got to where I had the urge to not use as much as I’d had the urge to use back when I started. It’s because of all the support. Everyone believed in me.”~ J

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