help us bring hope and recovery

To people in our community who are experiencing homelessness


Compassionate “boots on the ground” work

Through street outreach, Compassionate Addiction Treatment (CAT) connects with individuals experiencing homelessness exactly where they are at, and welcomes people in to receive services compassionate supportive services in a zero barrier, harm reduction Recovery Community space. Both street outreach and our Recovery Community day program are staffed with Certified Peer Counselors. Their lived experience to supports our unhoused community members in their personal journeys to recovery. Hope and trusting relationships are built, helping eliminate a primary barrier to care (defeat, fear and distrust due to past negative or traumatic experiences).

The mission of CAT is to remove barriers to care for people living without a home. To address some of these barriers, Compassionate Addiction Treatment provides a variety of zero barrier, harm reduction focused wrap around services. These include a state licensed substance use disorder outpatient program with individual and group counseling, housing and employment specialists, and medication for addiction treatment. All services are optional and are not a requirement in order to participate in our zero barrier Recovery Community program.

Many of our Recovery Community members are on Medicare. This insurance does not pay for outpatient substance use disorder treatment or supportive housing and employment case management. In removing barriers to care, and supporting each person in living the life they imagine, CAT provides these services at no charge to people experiencing homelessness who are on Medicare.

This year, to further address health equity and the lack of available services, Compassionate Addiction Treatment is applying for licensure to add much needed low barrier mental health outpatient services for our unhoused community members.

Your donation allows us to continue to provide these impactful, free services, and empower people living homeless to recover and live the life they dream of.

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